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By plane

There are direct flights between Istanbul and Cappadocia. There are two airports in the region. One is Kayseri Airport (65 km.), and the other is Nevşehir Tuz Village Airport (25 km.). Nevşehir Airport is about half an hour from our hotel. Kayseri Airport is approximately 1 hour away from the main accommodation centers in Cappadocia.

By bus

Located in the middle of the Central Anatolia Region, Nevşehir is at a very easy point in terms of transportation. You can reach Nevşehir by road and airway. For those who want to come by bus, you can find direct bus services to Nevşehir from many cities. You can find a bus to Cappadocia from all major cities in Turkey. Companies you can use to come to Cappadocia: Nevşehir and Metro Seyahat.